Winter Plays Callback List

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Thank you so much for sharing your talent, creativity and laughter with us this afternoon. We really enjoyed spending time with you and getting to see a little bit of who you are. We appreciate the unique skills that each of you brought into the room.

The callback lists for both plays are below: please note that you may be called back for more than one role and more than one play. If you are called back, please meet in the Black Box tomorrow at 3:30pm. Sides for callbacks will be posted in a separate post. We hope to end by 5.30.

Thanks again!

Anna Crandall & Ryan Mooney


The Okay Kids

Briana Alexander June, Abby
Kai Brawn Max
Mara Buchanan-Hovland June
Vi Edwards Abby
Jack Gordan Jack
Gwen Jeuris June
Marshall Knowles Max
Kierra Koehn June
Eric McDevitt Jack
Haden Misra Jack, Max
Rohan Ramamurthi Max
Caleb Richards Max
Ellie Seward Abby
Gwyneth Seward Abby, June
Susie Walters Abby
Ashley Yablonsky June

The Unravelling

Briana Alexander Youngest
Zoe Barnett Middlest/Eldest
Mara Buchanan-Hovland Middlest/Eldest
Rachel Dumas Middlest/Youngest
Lorelei Eddy Narrators/Zombies
Vi Edwards Narrators/Zombies
Gwen Jeuris Middlest
Amelia Lawrence-Woolf Narrators/Zombies
Katherine Mason Narrators/Zombies
Parrish Noce Youngest
Emile Nylund Narrators/Zombies
Nikki Rudnick Narrators/Eldest
Ellie Seward Youngest
Gwyneth Seward Narrators/Zombies/Youngest
Susie Walters Narrators/Zombies
Ashley Yablonsky Middlest/Eldest
Izzy Englund Narrators/Zombies
Kierra Koehn Narrators/Zombies