SHORTS 20 Audition Info & Material

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Initial Auditions for SHORTS 20 will be on Monday April 1 from 3.30-6 in the Black Box Studio Theatre. We will endeavor to audition people in the order they sign up, depending on parings. PLEASE FILL OUT THE AUDITION FORM PRIOR TO ARRIVING:

Call backs will be on Tuesday April 2 by invitation. Please check back here the evening of April 1 to see if you have been asked to attend call backs.

On Monday, we ask that you please prepare one character/side. You do not need to be memorized. Due to time, we will not be able to read you for more than one character. However, please bear in mind that even though you read for one character, you may be considered for multiple plays/characters. We encourage you to read ALL the play synopsis and character descriptions!

Here are the plays and the sides (please note that there are no sides for Rat Court. If interested in a character from Rat Court, you will cold read sides on Monday):

The Shallow End by Wendy MacLeod – directed by Emma Fulmer

Best friends, Teresa, Becca, and Addie, lounge around a community pool during the summer. The girls talk about superficial school drama, and make fun of outcast, Marjorie. Throughout the days of summer, we learn of Marjorie’s friend, Brendan, who has a heart condition. Once Brendan passes away, everything changes, including loyalties.

(All characters are about 14 years old and identify as female)

TERESA – The ring leader

BECCA – The follower

ADDIE – The brain

MARJORIE – The outcast

Candid by Michael Scanlan – directed by Thomas Mor

Candid, By Michael Scanlan, is about a high school student (T.J.) showing his teacher a photo slide presentation.  Each photo acts as a flashback and therefore goes into a scene. The scenes are about when, how, and why his mother (Rose) left T.J., his sister (Nicki), And his father (Tom). He goes to his best friend (Rico) and his girlfriend (Karen), but neither of them can give what T.J. needs. So T.J. is left to his own devices, trying to navigate through his many questions.


T.J. TOEFFLER – a high school junior, intense, sensitive with a compulsion to be entertaining. (If auditioning for T.J., please look over his speech in addition to a dialogue scene)

ROSE – his mother, loving. but fierce when angered.

NICKl – his sister, I2 years old, moody, still very much a child.

TOM – his father, stodgy, control-oriented. He means well, but is lost.

RICO – his best friend, steady, plodding, but with a sense of humor

KAREN – T.J.’s girlfriend, intelligent, imaginative and fun, but has her own demons.

Trevor by John Bowen – directed by Kaelyn Cahill

Living together in a flat in Kensington, an affluent neighborhood in central London, Jane and Sarah must conceal their relationship from their parents. Having invented a man in their lives named ‘Trevor’, they hire an out-of-work actor to pose as their gentleman friend. Jane’s parents are about to arrive to meet Jane’s made up fiancé, Trevor when Sarah’s parents show up unexpectedly. ‘Trevor’ is forced into a double act as he plays both of the women’s Trevors. Both sets of parents are convinced that they are talking to their daughter’s version of Trevor, while the two women and ‘Trevor’ scramble to keep their  stories straight and prevent the parents from finding out the truth. 


JANE KEMPTON – an upper-middle-class woman in her late twenties. In a relationship with Sarah. She has told her parents she is engaged to a man named Trevor who writes for the BBC. RP accent. 

SARAH LAWRENCE – an upper-middle-class woman in her late twenties. In a relationship with Jane. She has told her parents she is sleeping with a married man named Trevor. RP accent.  

TREVOR – a young, working class, out-of-work-actor. Soft,North Country accent (think a less strong Hagrid from “Harry Potter” accent).

MRS. KEMPTON – Jane’s mother, late 50s. Wants Jane to settle down with a man so she doesn’t grow old alone. RP accent.  

MR. KEMPTON – Jane’s father, late 50s. RP accent. 

MRS. LAWRENCE – Sarah’s mother, late 50s. Open-minded. Doesn’t care about Sarah getting married but wants her to have a fulfilled sex life. RP accent.  

MR. LAWRENCE – Sarah’s father, late 50s. RP accent. 

Rat Court by Boo Killebrew – directed by Ashley Yablonsky & Lukas Montgomery

Initiation into a high school sorority takes three young women – and their friendship – to the breaking point. Meanwhile, a young man struggles to chart his own future, or believe he’s worthy of one.


SUNNY – F, sixteen
NAOMI – F, sixteen
EMILY – F, sixteen
MANDY – F, seventeen
NATALIE – F, seventeen
DE’SHAY – F, seventeen
JULIE – F, seventeen
M.K. – F, seventeen
CULLEN – M, seventeen
SETH – M, seventeen

If you have any specific questions about the plays/characters (e.g. character gender identification), you can email individual directors:

Kaelyn Cahill –

Emma Fulmer –

Thomas Mor –

Ashley Yablonsky –

Lukas Montgomery –