SHORTS 20 Call Back List

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On behalf of the directors and ASMs, thank you very much for giving your time today and coming prepared!

Below are the people directors would like to see, and the specific roles they would like to see them for:


SUNNY: Brigitte, Gwen

EMILY: Parrish, Brett, Grace

NAOMI: Katherine, Susie, Ainslie

CULLEN: Phil, Zach, Eric

SETH: Ian, Jack, Jackson

MANDY: Lorelei, Angela, Ashley

NATALIE: Rachel, Kierra

DE’SHAY: Izzy, Allie, Emile

JULIE: Ava, Brett

M.K: Susie, Zoe, Kaelin


TREVOR: Gabe, Eric, Phil, Patrick

SARAH: Susie, Isabel, Rachel, Katherine

JANE: Brigitte, Grace, Parrish

MRS. KEMPTON: Kierra, Ava, Kaelin

MR. KEMPTON: Dean, Jack

MRS. LAWRENCE: Katherine, Angela, Izzy

MR. LAWRENCE: Anthony, Dean


TOM: Gabe, Izzy, Jackson

ROSE: Grace, Gwen, Angela, Anais

T.J.: Xavier, Anthony, Eric, Phil

NICKI: Kenna, Matilda, Rachel, Ainslie

KAREN: Ava, Zoe, Brett

RICO: Dean, Ian


MARJORIE: Katherine, Amy, Cecilia, Zoë

ADDIE: Parrish, Grace, Amy, Ashley

BECCA: Angela, Brigitte, Anais

TERESA:  Ava, Brett, Angela

Tomorrow, there will be a schedule posted in the PAC, which includes times and locations for where you need to be. Please arrive in the lobby of the PAC at 3.30.

The directors will provide sides at call backs. If you have any questions for the directors, please refer to the previous post for emails.

Break legs!!