“This Random World” Callbacks

Thank you to all who took the leap and auditioned! I saw/heard some really wonderful stuff. If you are not on the following callback list, please do not feel discouraged…We hope to see you at SHORTS 22 auditions at the end of March. The following people, please arrive at the black box tomorrow, Jan 6, at 3:30. Callbacks will go until 6pm (see below for callback sides).

Scottie Ward

Grace Furrow, Max Chenier, Ainslie O’Connor

Tim Ward/Man

Jesse Kohler, Evan McCreary

Beth Ward

Rachel Dumas, Lainey Shevlin


Sofia Gomez, Lainey Shevlin, Malaika Ruirie, Ainslie O’Connor, Hailey Cyphers


Grace Furrow, Malaika Ruirie, Elizabeth Meyers


Ellie Seward, Max Chenier


Hunter Turney, Evan McCreary


Please look over and familiarize yourselves. You will be paired up with multiple people. You will likely not read the entire scene during the audition.

Scottie & Bernadette – pgs 16-18

Claire & Gary – pgs. 18-21

Rhonda & Scottie – pgs. 35-37

Tim & Beth – pg. 12 from Beth’s “You should have tissues” to end of pg 13.