Contact Us/About the Program

Steven Beckingham – Theatre Arts Program Director & Teacher

Annie Kaiser – Instructor, Performing Arts Building Events Coordinator

Jon Ares – Performing Arts Building Technical Coordinator

Mission Statement

The West Linn High School Theatre Arts Program endeavors to…

  • Offer as many opportunities to as many students as possible, so that the West Linn High School student body may have high-quality training and experiences in theatre, both in performance and in technical production skills.
  • Connect students with theatre professionals, so that they may learn what is expected of them in the world beyond this high school, and so that they may establish a network of contacts with those who work in the field of Professional Theatre.
  • Offer advanced students an opportunity to stretch and grow as actors and as individuals, through experiences in a wide variety of theatre genres (Musical Theatre, comedy, tragedy, melodrama, farce, etc.), styles (realistic, anti-realistic, comedy of manners, etc.), and periods (Ancient Greek, Elizabethan, French Restoration, etc.), and to encourage them to learn their craft both as actors and as technical support crew members and designers.
  • Offer our audiences a rich cultural experience by performing plays encompassing a wide variety of theatre genres, styles, and periods, and presenting subjects which both entertain and provoke thoughtful reflection and/or discussion.