“Exit the King” Opens March 1!

A Royal Fall, From Grace to Madness: “Exit the King” Explores Mortality and Absurdity

Prepare to be swept away by a darkly comedic journey as West Linn High School Theatre Arts presents Eugene Ionesco’s iconic absurdist masterpiece, Exit the King. Opening March 1 and running through March 9, 2024, this poignant and hilarious production delves into the human condition and our inevitable confrontation with mortality.

King Berenger, once a powerful ruler, finds his kingdom fading along with his own life force. Confined to his crumbling throne room, he clings desperately to power and refuses to acknowledge his impending demise. Surrounded by his loyal yet exasperated attendants, including his multiple wives and a sardonic doctor, Berenger embarks on a hilarious and heartbreaking struggle to retain control over his dwindling world.

Ionesco’s masterpiece, masterfully translated by Neil Armfield and Geoffrey Rush, uses witty dialogue, nonsensical situations, and theatrical metaphors to create a timeless exploration of power, denial, and the absurdity of existence. This production, directed by Jon Ares, promises a dynamic and thought-provoking experience that will resonate deeply with audiences.

Exit the King by Eugene Ionesco
Translated by Neil Armfield and Geoffrey Rush
March 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 2024

7:00 PM Curtain

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Direction, Set and Lighting Design by Jon Ares

Costume Design by Sarah Gahagan

Sound Design by Kaiden Christman, Grant Hawkins, & Steven Beckingham