Shorts 24 Cast Lists

Congrats to all! Prepare for an intense, but satisfying adventure! “Hotel L’Albergo” cast, please double check that you have availability the weekend of April 4-6, as the play will be presented at the Oregon Thespian State Festival (we are still awaiting the exact day/time). ALL cast members, the directors would like to have a read-through next week sometime. It might not fall on the same day for each cast, so please look out for an email from Directors/ASMs.


Hotel L’AlbergoHatchDirty LaundryLet’s Pretend This Never Happened
Sophia Burden – KATRINAAva Neudeck – AIOLily McCarthy – CYNTHIAHolden Peterson – OLIVER
Vada Mullen – ANNELeo Wilson – HACTHUMFerret Kramer – GEORGELucia LaViolette – EMMA
Jack Deason – KEVINSophie Vervais – HATCHOOIan Krubel – SIDNEYJosh Caveney – ANDREW
Ella Myers – THERESAEdd Larson – HATCHATATy Schultz-Reynolds – MONAJohn Avery – LUKE
Ace Isensee – IANAlivia Marshall – HATCHERAddison O’Neil – ABBY
Lea Blaskower – ALESSIAHanna Schwier – BERNIEEmerson Parker – EMMA’S MOM
Elizabeth Meyers – JOHANNAMatthew Tence – SLOANETaran Keppeler – STUDENT 1
Jake Williams – HATCHIEIan Krubel – SENIOR BOY
Grayson Weichert – KAIJames Poor, Leo Wilson – CRONIES
Taran Keppeler – ROBINJori Brady, Kiera Kuehn, Elliot Sherman – FEATURED EXTRAS

Shorts 24 Callbacks

What a turn out tonight! We saw a lot of great choices and energy. Bravo! We cannot stress enough that IF you are not on the callback schedule, that does not necessarily mean you will NOT be cast. Callbacks will be 3:25pm-6:05pm, Friday 3/15. All callbacks will be located on Porch E1. You will be told what room to go to.

  1. Here is the callback schedule – Shorts 24 Callback Schedule. Please read through carefully.
  2. Please revisit the audition materials folder – Audition Material. You do not have to be memorized, but as much as you can look up from the page, the better.
  3. Please prepare to stay the whole time.
  4. Please direct any specific questions regarding character/plot to the directors:

“Dirty Laundry” – Mira Jansen

“Hatch” – Sofia Gomez, Gracie Faust

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – Rowan Sechrist

“Hotel L’Albergo” – Marina Vadnais, Annie Kaiser

For other questions, please contact the Production Stage Manager, Olive Dotson

Break Legs!!

Shorts 24 Auditions!

This year for Shorts 24, we have three plays and one short film. They are as follows:

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened; a short film written and directed by Rowan Sechrist

“Dirty Laundry” by Dailyn Rodriguez; Directed by Mira Jansen

“Hatch” by C. Quintana; Directed by Gracie Faust & Sofia Gomez

“Hotel L’Albergo” by Marina Vadnais; Directed by Annie Kaiser & Marina Vadnais

Initial Auditions will be Thursday March 14 in the Black Box from 3:20-6 (first come, first serve. Once you audition, you can leave). Please fill out the AUDITION FORM prior to auditioning. You must be logged in with School Google account. Callbacks will be by invitation (check back here) on Friday, March 15.

Please prepare a monologue/side of your choice. You do not have to be memorized. Please note that, if auditioning for “Hatch” of “Hotel L’ Albergo,” you will be asked to engage in some improvised scene work. You must be logged in with School Google account.

Shorts 24 Audition Details

Please email production stage manager, Olive Dotson with any questions –

Break legs!!!!

“Exit the King” Opens March 1!

A Royal Fall, From Grace to Madness: “Exit the King” Explores Mortality and Absurdity

Prepare to be swept away by a darkly comedic journey as West Linn High School Theatre Arts presents Eugene Ionesco’s iconic absurdist masterpiece, Exit the King. Opening March 1 and running through March 9, 2024, this poignant and hilarious production delves into the human condition and our inevitable confrontation with mortality.

King Berenger, once a powerful ruler, finds his kingdom fading along with his own life force. Confined to his crumbling throne room, he clings desperately to power and refuses to acknowledge his impending demise. Surrounded by his loyal yet exasperated attendants, including his multiple wives and a sardonic doctor, Berenger embarks on a hilarious and heartbreaking struggle to retain control over his dwindling world.

Ionesco’s masterpiece, masterfully translated by Neil Armfield and Geoffrey Rush, uses witty dialogue, nonsensical situations, and theatrical metaphors to create a timeless exploration of power, denial, and the absurdity of existence. This production, directed by Jon Ares, promises a dynamic and thought-provoking experience that will resonate deeply with audiences.

Exit the King by Eugene Ionesco
Translated by Neil Armfield and Geoffrey Rush
March 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 2024

7:00 PM Curtain

Click “Tickets” above.

Direction, Set and Lighting Design by Jon Ares

Costume Design by Sarah Gahagan

Sound Design by Kaiden Christman, Grant Hawkins, & Steven Beckingham

Exit the King – Cast!

Thank you everyone who auditioned! So much great talent and creativity was exhibited! It was a lot of fun – I hope y’all had fun, too. Thank you for taking chances!

Presenting the cast of “Exit The King:”

King Berenger: Jack Deason
Queen Marguerite: Mira Jansen
Queen Marie: Nobie Zur
Doctor: Reed Jordan
Juliette: Hallie Jones
Guard: Ethan Chenevert

Our first rehearsal will be Monday, January 8 in the Black Box at 3:20. Please be on time as we have a lot to discuss, and you will also be meeting our Costume Designer, before we get into a read-thru.

See you then! – Jon

Exit the King – Callbacks!

Excellent work from everyone who auditioned! So much amazing talent! Tomorrow (Friday) we will need to call back a few folks to read a bit more. Here’s who should come back to the black box tomorrow after school (we will try to keep the callbacks as brief as possible!)

King: Jack Deason, Josh Caveney
Marguerite: Mira Jansen, Lucia LaViolette
Marie: Nobie Zur, Hallie Jones, Lucy Lorenzen
Doctor: Reed Jordan, Jack Walters
Juliette:* Portland Stock Cleaver, Luci LaViolette
*There will be a new scene to read between Juliette and The King – it’s basically Juliette’s monologue from the initial auditions, but with the King’s dialog restored. We’ll have copies of it for you all tomorrow.

Please look over the Callback scenes to familiarize them, but we will provide a list of who will read with whom. We shall all gather in the Black Box and discuss the process, then give groups time to prepare, then read.

If you don’t see your name listed in the callbacks above, remember to check back to look at the cast list Friday night or Saturday – not all roles are being called back.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jon Ares, the director –

We are really looking forward to tomorrow! Thank you, everyone!


Exit the King

Directed by Jon Ares

Gracie Faust, Production Stage Manager

Performances: March 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 2024

Performed in the Black Box Studio Theatre

  • Initial Auditions: Thursday, January 4, 3:30 (Black Box)
  • Callbacks: Friday, January 5, 3:30 (Black Box)
  • 1st Rehearsal: Monday, January 8, 3:20 (Black Box)

Rehearsals after school, M-F (to be determined) 3:20 to 5:30

Theater of the absurd:

“Theater that seeks to represent the absurdity of human existence in a meaningless universe by bizarre or fantastic means.”

What is this show about?

Exit the King takes place on King Berenger’s dying day, also, not coincidentally, the last day of the universe. The older queen, Marguerite, and the Doctor tell the king that everything is falling apart – from the walls of the palace to the workings of the solar system – and that he is dying. The younger queen, Marie, exhorts him to live in the moment and not give in to death. King Berenger does not want to die, but his commands to restore order go unheeded. In the end, he concedes that he is dying, and he fades into the ether. The play shows that the human desire to live, and, by extension, to control our universe, is pointless in the end.

In King, This absurdist exploration of ego and mortality is set in the crumbling throne-room of the palace in an unnamed country where King Berenger the First has only the duration of the play to live.

The Theatre of the Absurd finds its roots in Existentialism, a form of philosophical thought that posits human beings do not have any intrinsic purpose other than what they make for themselves. 

In 1942, the French-Algerian philosopher Albert Camus published his work “The Myth of Sisyphus,” examining humanity’s desire for rationality and purpose in the face of the inherent irrationality and emptiness of the universe. From this, Camus developed his Theory of the Absurd: that this juxtaposition is something that all free-thinking and honest people must eventually come to accept. According to Camus, human beings should not strive to find purpose where there is none, and that true contentment can only be felt once this is acknowledged. Queen Marguerite tries valiantly to bring King Berenger to this acknowledgement, so he can “move on” to accept the fate before him.

Even with all this “pointlessness,” this play IS a comedy – and a very physical one, at that. Please be aware though, that there is a very heavy line load, particularly for the roles of King Berenger and Queen Marguerite.


Berenger the First, the King. Flippant. Comically egotistical. Completely in denial.

Queen Marguerite, the First Wife. Mature. A realist, and a practical leader.

Queen Marie, the Second Wife. Younger, and clings to fairy tale happy endings.

The Doctor, who is also the Surgeon, Executioner, Bacteriologist and Astrologist.

Juliette, Domestic Help and Registered Nurse. Quite the rough character. Perhaps a Cockney accent?

The Guard, longtime herald and protector of The King. Dutiful. A true follower and champion of the King, his hero.

Preparing for auditions:

For the initial audition, please fill out the audition form, and please prepare one of the monologues* below (memorization is not required.) *If you are reading for Queen Marguerite, you will need to prepare one of the scenes with either Queen Marie or Juliette. You can audition with someone else who is auditioning for Marie or Juliette, or we will provide someone to read with you. **You will need to log in with your school Google account to access these materials.




For Callbacks, please review the pieces below (memorization is not required). At Callbacks, you may be instructed on which pieces to read, and with whom (if anyone). Note that not all roles may be called back, so if you are not called back, that doesn’t automatically mean you are not cast.


Please contact the director, Jon Ares, with any questions!

The Den Improv is back!!

Initial workshop with professional improviser, Eric Nepom, will be next Tuesday (11/14 in the black box from 3:30-5. Showing up to this is not a full commitment to doing the performances, but rehearsal dates and all details shall be discussed. Then, Friday (11/17), there will be another workshop just before leaving for break. ALL West Linn High School students are welcome. There is no audition process for this. Direct any questions to Mr. B –

PIPPIN Opens Nov 2!

We’ve got Magic to do….You’ve got magic to see!

With music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, and book by Roger O. Hirson, Pippin tells the story of a young man’s quest to find complete fulfillment and become extraordinary. Through a very theatrical lens, the Leading Player and her troupe of highly skilled actors, take us back in time to 780 AD, the time of the great and ruthless ruler, King Charlemagne…who is also Pippin’s father. The actor’s storytelling includes magic, lust, merriment, war, and farm animals! The West Linn High School Performing Arts Department pull all the tricks out of the theatrical and musical bag for this production. With illusions, puppets, catchy music, and colorful costumes, audiences will have an extraordinary night! The production runs November 2, 4, 9, 10, and 11. Curtain is 7pm and tickets can be purchased on the tickets tab above.

Poster Designed by Jonathan Garcia

PIPPIN Cast List

Thank you to all who auditioned, for your time and efforts. Congratulations to the following people.

PIPPINMason Nuttbrock
CHARLESHolden Peterson
FASTRADASophia Burden
LEWISIan Krubel
BERTHEAva Neudeck
THEOLeo Wilson
BAND OF PLAYERS (specific roles TBD)Lucy Lorenzen, Jack Deason, Jack Walters,
Josh Caveney, Misha Rana, Lucille Clemo,
Lucia LaViolette, Rowan Sechrist, Hanna Layton,
Max Burden, Jori Brady, Olivia Burden,
Lily McCarthy, Lea Blaskower, Saige Heiden

Cast, we will have a read through (singing optional) on MONDAY, 9/11 from 3:20-6 in the choir room. Scripts will be passed out. Music rehearsals will proceed as follows:

TUESDAY, 9/12 from 3:20pm-5:20pm (choir room)

WEDNESDAY, 9/13 from 3:20pm-6pm (choir room)

THURSDAY, 9/14 from 3:20pm-6pm (stage)

FRIDAY, 9/15 from 3:20pm-6pm (choir room)

ALL are called for the above rehearsals. If you have any updated conflicts, please email PSM, Allie Henry –, and ASM, Maddie Brown –

Please look out for an email with further details, including full schedule.

Thank you!

PIPPIN Callbacks

Well, there’s magic to do, and we saw some magic today! Great turnout, great preparation, and great courage. Thank you all for your energy and commitment. All names on the chart, please report to the PAC lobby at 3:20 tomorrow, 9/7. Please look over the indicated callback songs and sides (dialogue). We will have hard copies of music and sides on site, but feel free to print your own. Everyone on the list below the chart, please report to the PAC for a dance call at 3:20 on 9/8. Wear comfortable/moveable clothes and shoes, and bring water….prepare to sweat!!


Leading PlayerSofia Gomez
Lucy Lorenzen
Ava Neudeck
Rowan Sechrist
Act 2, sc 3, pgs. bottom 73-74“Glory”
“Simple Joys”
“Right Track”
PippinMason Nuttbrock
Ian Krubel
Sophia Burden
Act 1, sc 2, pgs. 8-11
Act 1, sc 4, pgs. 24-25
Act 2, sc 2, pgs. 53-54
Act 2, sc 3, pgs. 73-74
“With You”
the end of “Extraordinary”
“Right Track”
“Love Song”
CharlesHolden Peterson
Mason Nuttbrock
Ian Krubel
Act 1, sc 2, pgs. 8-11“War is a Science”
LewisJack Deason
Jack Walters
Josh Caveney
Act 1, sc 2, pgs. 8-11

FastradaMiriam Kelly
Misha Rana
Ava Neudeck
Lucille Clemo
Act 1, sc 2, pgs. 8-11“Spread a Little Sunshine”
BertheLucia LaViolette
Rowan Sechrist
Ave Neudeck
Sophia Burden
Act 1, sc 4, pgs. 24-25“No Time at All”
CatherineHanna Layton
Grace Boyer
Lucy Lorenzen
Sophia Burden

Act 2, sc 2, pgs. 53-54“Kind of Woman”
“Love Song”
TheoJosh Caveney
Leo Wilson
Miriam Kelly
Act 2, sc 2, pgs. 53-54“Theo’s Corner”

DANCE CALL 9/8 – 3:20pm-6pm

Sofia Gomez

Lucy Lorenzen

Ava Neudeck

Mason Nuttbrock

Ian Krubel

Sophia Burden

Holden Peterson

Jack Deason

Jack Walters

Josh Caveney

Miriam Kelly

Misha Rana

Lucille Clemo

Lucia LaViolette

Rowan Sechrist

Hanna Layton

Grace Boyer

Leo Wilson

Max Burden

Brielle Schroeder

Jori Brady

Olivia Burden

Elliott Sherman

Lily McCarthy

Lea Blaskower

Keira Kuehn

Willow Wilson

Jay Bruce

Marina Vadnais

Saige Heiden

Fiona Michael

Access materials (with school Google log-in) here: PIPPIN AUDITION MATERIAL

NOTE: Additional songs can be found in the Piano/Conductor’s Score within the Pippin Audition Material Google Drive folder.

Break legs!

PIPPIN Audition Information

All WLHS students are welcome to audition for our fall production of PIPPIN. An intial singing audition will be held on 9/6 from 3:20pm-6pm. Come to the PAC lobby, sign in, and be sure that you have completed the Google Audition Form. Auditions will be in the choir room and an accompanist will be provided. Unless you specify a time constraint with stage management, people will sing in the order they signed in. Once you audition, you can leave. A callback list will be posted on this website the evening of 9/6. Please read through the following packet thoroughly:

Materials can be accessed and downloaded here (you must be signed in with your school Google Account):

PIPPIN Audition Material

Please email the director, Mr. Beckingham, with any questions –

Shorts 23 Opens MAY 18!

The West Linn High School Theatre Arts Department presents Shorts 23! The production will include two student directed and produced one-act plays – The Odyssey by Homer, dramatized by Gregory A. Falls and Kurt Beattie, directed by Jesse Kohler; and All Rise by Evan McCreary, directed by Evan McCreary. Come and support directors, actors, and technicians on May 18, 19, and/or 20, 7pm curtain. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door or on the ticket link above.

SHORTS 23 Cast List!

Thank you to all who auditioned! The directors deliberated for quite a long time… choosing was quite a task. Thank you for your patience and great variety of talent! Below are the cast lists:


Eloise Guarisco – CINDERELLA/ WORKER 1Matthew Tence – Antinous, Eurylochus, Dead Soul Hailey Cyphers – Valarie WilliamsLily Farrens – Ian
Sophie Vervais – LITTLE RED/ STEP SISTER 1Zion Lamar – Eurymachus, Perites, Poseidon, Aeolous attendant, Hylax, Dead Soul Cadence Cox – Elizabeth ClarkeRoop Aporupa – Alessia
Valentina Dias Gaspar – STEPMOTHER / WORKER 2Max Halverson – Telemachus, Cyclops, King Aeolus, Dead soul, Zeus Malaika Ruirie – Ella Williams, Dr. Lana Spencer-AdammsGrayson Weinchert – Kevin
Caitlin Duncan – MR. PRINCE / CHARMING / WOODSMANAether Meyers – Leodes, Perites, Hermes, Old man, Dead Soul Mashayla Scott – Billie Williams 
Fiona Michael – Anne
Jesika Conner – SNOW WHITE/ STEP SISTER 2Elizabeth Meyers – Pallas Athena, Old man, Aeolus attendant, Anticlea, Siren, Apollo Emmerson Parker – Regina, Stephanie, The JournalistNobie Zur – Theresa
Maggie MacKenzie – MOTHERNobie Zur – Ktessipos, Peremides, Teiresias Jonathan Beldman – The Judge, Dan, TimJesika Conner – Johana
Max Chenier – DAUGHTERIan Krubel – Odysseus, Old man Roop Aporupa – The Assistant, “Mr. Dixon”Cadence Tillman – Katrina
Susan Ward – MORGANA / LITTLE RED’S MOMLuci LaViolette – Penelope, Old man, Circes Attendant, Anticlea, Siren Serenity Drorbaugh – Bailiff
Jack Deason – MIR’AH / GRANDMAEvan McCreary – The Boy
Nico Vick Beaudin – WOLF/ FAIRY GODMOTHERTBD – Matt Williams

All actors above, please come to the PAC lobby right after school tomorrow (4/6). You will be told which room to meet in for your read-throughs. Scripts will be printed for you. If you have any questions, direct them to your Production Stage Manager, Allie –

Shorts 23 Callbacks

What a turn out tonight! Due to the talent on display, the vibe was both exciting and daunting for directors. We cannot stress enough that IF you are not on the callback schedule, that does not necessarily mean you will NOT be cast. Callbacks will be 3:30pm-6pm.

  1. ALL links can only be accessed through your school Google account. Please check this list carefully and note the times/rooms you are slotted for: Shorts 23 Callback Schedule
  2. Callback rooms will be the black box, makeup room, band room, and green room. If you do not know where one of these locations are, please ask Allie, the PSM, or one of the ASMs – Gabby, Maddie, or Gracie.
  3. All callbacks except “All Rise” will be cold reads – sides will be passed out in the rooms as opposed to given ahead of time. You can find the “All Rise” callback sides here: ALL RISE Callback Sides
  4. Please check back here for the cast list tomorrow night. THURSDAY (4/6) from 3:15-5:15 is the first rehearsal.

Break legs!!

SHORTS 23 Audition Material

This year for Shorts 23, we have three plays and one short film. They are as follows:

“Not so Grimm Tales” by Kevin Bean; Directed by Mira Jansen & Olive Dotson

“The Odyssey” dramatized by Gregory A. Falls & Kurt Beattie; Directed by Jesse Kohler

“All Rise” by Evan McCreary; Directed by Evan McCreary

“Hotel L’Albergo” (short film) by Marina Vadnais; Directed by Xen Waggoner & Riley Schrieber

Initial Auditions will be Tuesday April 4 in the Black Box from 3:30-6. Please fill out the AUDITION FORM prior to auditioning. You must be logged in with School Google account. Callbacks will be by invitation (check back here) on April 5.

Please prepare up to TWO sides for auditions. If choosing two, please pick from two different shows. You must be logged in with School Google account.

Shorts 23 Audition Sides

Please email production stage manager, Allie Henry with any questions –

Break legs!!!!