We are so grateful for the talent, creativity, and bravery that we witnessed during this audition process; you exhibited a level of excellence that made many of our decisions very difficult.  If you weren’t cast in this production, we look forward to having you involved in the other performance opportunities we will have available at WLHS this year!

Makena Big John Parent (Mum 1), Big Kid, Henchman 3
Lea Blaskower Nurse, Big Kid
Max Burden Tommy
Sophia Burden Mrs. Wormwood
Josh Caveney Bruce
Lucille Clemo Parent (Mum 4), Big Kid
Jonathan Beldman Parent (Dad 3), Big Kid, Henchman 1
Sofia Gomez Miss Honey
Thomas Greyerbiehl Mr. Wormwood
Saige Heiden Big Kid, Cook
Ian Krubel Miss Trunchbull
Ella Kuntz Lavender
Luci LaViolette Alice
Hanna Layton Amanda
Lily McCarthy Eric(a)
Evan McCreary Parent (Dad 2), Big Kid, Sergei
Avery Mickey Parent (Mum 2), Mrs. Phelps
Ava Neudeck Matilda
Mason Nuttbrock Parent (Dad 1), Escapologist
Emerson Parker Doctor, Big Kid
Holden Peterson Children’s Entertainer, Big Kid, Henchman 2
Misha Rana Big Kid, Acrobat
Riley Schreiber Parent (Dad 4), Michael, Henchman 3
Rowan Sechrist Hortensia
Cadence Tillman Rudolpho, Big Kid
Jack Walters Nigel
Juniper Whitlock Big Kid

We will be meeting in the Choir Room at 3:30 on Thursday, 9/8 for a read/sing through with the entire cast.  Vocal rehearsals will begin on Monday, 9/12; a schedule for next week will be shared with you by the end of the weekend.

Thank you!

The Creative Team

MATILDA Callbacks

Matilda the Musical
Callbacks – Wednesday, 9/7 – 3:30-6:00 pm

We want to thank everyone who auditioned today; we had a fantastic turnout, and we were very impressed with the talent and professionalism you all brought into the room.

Please take a look at the music and dialogue selections (right column on the chart within the packet on previous post) for the role(s) you will be singing/reading for on Wednesday. Please remember that this list is not definitive: you may be asked to sing/read other roles after we have heard/seen more from you, and you may be considered for roles for which you have not sung or read. Trust the process!

Sofia Gomez
Hanna Layton
Ava Neudeck

Miss Trunchbull
Sophia Burden
Jonathan Garcia
Ian Krubel
Cadence Tillman

Miss Honey
Makena Big John
Sophia Burden
Hailey Cyphers
Sofia Gomez
Avery Mickey
Emerson Parker
Rowan Sechrist

Mr. Wormwood
Thomas Greyerbiehl
Mason Nuttbrock
Holden Peterson
Nico Vick Beaudin
Jack Walters

Mrs. Wormwood
Ella Kuntz
Luci LaViolette

The Escapologist
Jonathan Garcia
Evan McCreary

Evan McCreary
Cadence Tillman

All other roles/Ensemble
Luci Armstrong
Jonathan Beldman
Lea Blaskower
Max Burden
Emma Callahan
Brooklyn Carr Heuer
Amelia Caspar
Josh Caveney
Lucille Clemo
Jack Deason
Morgan Farnand
Delila Fletcher
Saige Heiden
Samuel Johnson
Delaney Lallum
Aria Lin
Lily McCarthy
Elizabeth Meyers
Fiona Michael
Misha Rana
Oliver Savetz
Riley Schreiber
Sandy Tang
James Titterington