Fundraising & Sponsorship

How would you like to contribute to and help foster the spread of joy, passion, escapism, and life learning our students experience when engaging in theatre arts?! Our ad space for our programs is filling up, and we always like to support local businesses, new and old. You could potentially help approximately 100 high school students fully realize their passion for the arts….as well as contribute to what many experts say, is a school subject necessary for a child’s healthy cognition and development. Please get in touch and we can discuss options, or alternatively, go to this link to donate:

If you decide to become a sponsor, we will provide you with a tax deductible receipt as well as two complimentary tickets to each production this WLHS theatre season. PLEASE NOTE – payment for ad space/sponsorship should be paid by check or cash only, NOT through the above School Pay link.

More Sponsorship Information: