Shorts 24 Cast Lists

Congrats to all! Prepare for an intense, but satisfying adventure! “Hotel L’Albergo” cast, please double check that you have availability the weekend of April 4-6, as the play will be presented at the Oregon Thespian State Festival (we are still awaiting the exact day/time). ALL cast members, the directors would like to have a read-through next week sometime. It might not fall on the same day for each cast, so please look out for an email from Directors/ASMs.


Hotel L’AlbergoHatchDirty LaundryLet’s Pretend This Never Happened
Sophia Burden – KATRINAAva Neudeck – AIOLily McCarthy – CYNTHIAHolden Peterson – OLIVER
Vada Mullen – ANNELeo Wilson – HACTHUMFerret Kramer – GEORGELucia LaViolette – EMMA
Jack Deason – KEVINSophie Vervais – HATCHOOIan Krubel – SIDNEYJosh Caveney – ANDREW
Ella Myers – THERESAEdd Larson – HATCHATATy Schultz-Reynolds – MONAJohn Avery – LUKE
Ace Isensee – IANAlivia Marshall – HATCHERAddison O’Neil – ABBY
Lea Blaskower – ALESSIAHanna Schwier – BERNIEEmerson Parker – EMMA’S MOM
Elizabeth Meyers – JOHANNAMatthew Tence – SLOANETaran Keppeler – STUDENT 1
Jake Williams – HATCHIEIan Krubel – SENIOR BOY
Grayson Weichert – KAIJames Poor, Leo Wilson – CRONIES
Taran Keppeler – ROBINJori Brady, Kiera Kuehn, Elliot Sherman – FEATURED EXTRAS

Shorts 24 Callbacks

What a turn out tonight! We saw a lot of great choices and energy. Bravo! We cannot stress enough that IF you are not on the callback schedule, that does not necessarily mean you will NOT be cast. Callbacks will be 3:25pm-6:05pm, Friday 3/15. All callbacks will be located on Porch E1. You will be told what room to go to.

  1. Here is the callback schedule – Shorts 24 Callback Schedule. Please read through carefully.
  2. Please revisit the audition materials folder – Audition Material. You do not have to be memorized, but as much as you can look up from the page, the better.
  3. Please prepare to stay the whole time.
  4. Please direct any specific questions regarding character/plot to the directors:

“Dirty Laundry” – Mira Jansen

“Hatch” – Sofia Gomez, Gracie Faust

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – Rowan Sechrist

“Hotel L’Albergo” – Marina Vadnais, Annie Kaiser

For other questions, please contact the Production Stage Manager, Olive Dotson

Break Legs!!

Shorts 24 Auditions!

This year for Shorts 24, we have three plays and one short film. They are as follows:

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened; a short film written and directed by Rowan Sechrist

“Dirty Laundry” by Dailyn Rodriguez; Directed by Mira Jansen

“Hatch” by C. Quintana; Directed by Gracie Faust & Sofia Gomez

“Hotel L’Albergo” by Marina Vadnais; Directed by Annie Kaiser & Marina Vadnais

Initial Auditions will be Thursday March 14 in the Black Box from 3:20-6 (first come, first serve. Once you audition, you can leave). Please fill out the AUDITION FORM prior to auditioning. You must be logged in with School Google account. Callbacks will be by invitation (check back here) on Friday, March 15.

Please prepare a monologue/side of your choice. You do not have to be memorized. Please note that, if auditioning for “Hatch” of “Hotel L’ Albergo,” you will be asked to engage in some improvised scene work. You must be logged in with School Google account.

Shorts 24 Audition Details

Please email production stage manager, Olive Dotson with any questions –

Break legs!!!!