Improv Night 2020: “This Time it’s Virtual”

People are raving about The Den Improv Troupe…..

“The Den?…As in a wild animal’s lair?”

“Do I know anyone in it?…..Eric who?”

“Yeah, I’d like to improve a lot of things in my life.”

Back by slight demand, and featuring actual humans, we present The Den Improv Night 2020: “This Time it’s Virtual.” Directed by the inconsolable vagrant, Eric Nepom, this live stream event will have you itching….

Join us, courtesy of WLHS ASB and their YouTube channel (suckers!) this Friday, Dec 18, at 7pm.

Here is the stream link:

This event is free, but we ask that before you tune in, please consider donating $5 through this link:

Come and support our students and the arts during these challenging times!