Twelfth Night Cast List 2023

Happy Twelfth Night!!….no, really, it’s the actual Twelfth Night after Xmas. See what I did there πŸ˜‰

Thank you for your tremendous preparation, support for each other, and passion for making theatre. Casting a show with so many options is never easy, and this one was no exception. Please know that I consider all who auditioned worthy of roles, but alas, there are only a certain number of them. For those who were not cast, please, please audition for SHORTS 23, which will include both plays and short films!

Congrats to the following people:

VIOLA – Mira Jansen

OLIVIA – Jesika Conner

DUKE ORSINO – Holden Peterson

MALVOLIO – Xen Waggoner

MARIA – Elizabeth Meyers

SEBASTIAN – Jesse Kohler

FESTE – Saige Heiden

ANTONIO – Grayson Weichert

TOBI – Luci LaViolette

ANDREA (ANDY) – Rowan Sechrist

FABIAN – Jack Walters

CAPTAIN/OFFICER 1 – Maggie MacKenzie

CURIO/PRIEST – Aether Meyers

TINA (mall employee)/OFFICER 2 – Fiona Michael

Cast, we will have our first table work session MONDAY 1/9 from 3:30pm-6pm. Please make arrangements to be present for  the full duration. I will print out hard copy scripts for you. A schedule is forthcoming, and can be accessed here (β€œProduction Rehearsal Calendar”):

0r here:

You can also download the Google Calendar App and add the above calendar.

*PLEASE email me ( stating whether you accept or decline the role you have been cast as.

If you have new conflict concerns, please direct them to our stage management team, PSM, Olive Dotson ( and ASM, Hadley Smith (

Thank you!