These Shining Lives/A Number CALLBACKS

Thank you for sharing your work with us today…..what an impressive variety of energies and choices! Callbacks for These Shining Lives will take place in the black box, and callbacks for A Number will take place in the make-up room. We will begin at 3.30pm and hope to be done by 6pm. Below are the callback lists and callback sides. If your name is not on either callback list, this does not necessarily mean you won’t be cast. Please check back here tomorrow night.

PLEASE NOTE: for These Shining Lives, If you are female identifying, look through ALL the female sides. If you are male identifying, look through ALL the male sides.


SALTER – Grant Halverson, Campbell Wilson, Tommaso Bellinzaghi

BERNARDS/MICHAEL BLACK – Eric McDevitt, Jack Gordon, Izzy Englund


Katherine Mason
Gwendalyn Jeuris
Kierra Koehn
Zoe Barnett
Allie Evans
Katarina Ragalie
Gabriella McVicker
Ashley Alexander
Addison Witt
Leilani Macenfish
Eric McDevitt
Campbell Wilson
Grant Halverson
Zach Socherman

These Shining Lives & A Number Audition Info

Auditions for our spring/winter plays take place on TUESDAY 12/10 in the Auditorium. Please use the break to look over info and sides. Email Mr. Ares (, director of These Shining Lives, or Mr. Beckingham (, director of A Number, with any questions.

These Shining Lives by Melanie Marnich

Audition Information:

The casting will consist of the four primary women (Catherine, Charlotte, Francis, and Pearl), plus two men (Tom, Mr. Reed). The ensemble of five other actors will perform the remaining 12 characters.

For auditioning purposes, please choose a gender-appropriate monologue to read. Memorization is not necessary, but be thoroughly familiar with it, so your eyes aren’t glued to the paper.  PLEASE NOTE: there are only female monologues in this packet for Catherine and Charlotte – so even if you are considering one of the other roles, please read one of these two monologues.  Same with the male roles: there are only two monologues in this packet, so choose one or the other, even if you are considering one of the other male roles.

Synopsis (courtesy of

These Shining Lives revolves around the real-life circumstances of women in the 1920s who worked in a watch factory painting watch faces with glowing radium-rich paint. While the characters and company in These Shining Lives are fictitious, the story of the Radium Girls and the toxic and deadly levels of radium poisoning of over 4,000 factory workers is true. The real-life Radium Girls took their company to court and achieved a long-lasting victory over corporations with poor workplace conditions and worker’s compensation that is still in effect today.

The Plot

The women in These Shining Lives are delighted to find high-paying work in the early part of the century. They earn 8¢ for each watch face they paint and if they are fast enough and neat enough, they can earn over $8 a day. That kind of money could change the entire circumstances of a woman and her family in the 1920s.

Catherine, also called Katie, is leaving home for her first day of work. She has twins and a loving and supportive husband. They are barely making ends meet and she sees the opportunity to work and bring home money as a huge boon to her family.

At the factory, she meets her tablemates, Frances, Charlotte, and Pearl and learns how to paint the watches: Take the brush and twirl it between your lips to make a sharp point, dip it in the paint, and paint the numbers. “It’s a lip, dip, and paint routine,” Frances instructs her. When Catherine comments on how the paint glows and tastes, she is told that radium is medicinal and cures all kinds of maladies.

She quickly becomes adept at the work and loves her new identity as a working woman. Six years later, however, she and every girl working on the watches have health problems. Many are fired for needing too many sick days. Some die. Catherine is afflicted with severe pains in her legs, arms, and jaw.

Eventually, Catherine finds a doctor willing to tell her the truth. She and all the others have toxic levels of radium poisoning. Their condition is fatal. Instead of fading into the background, Catherine and her friends decide to risk their names, images, and reputations and take the watch company to court.


CATHERINE DONOHUE (F) 19-29 – A young wife and mother of two. She works at the Radium Dial Company. While she is quiet, sensitive and reflective at times, she is by no means weak. She is full of life and passion for her work, her friends, and her husband.

CHARLOTTE (F) 24-29 – A worker at the factory. She is outspoken and hard-boiled. She is competitive and has a biting sense of humor. Underneath this front, however, she is just as kind hearted as her friends.

FRANCES (F) 24-29 – A worker at the factory. She is the ‘moral backbone’ of the group, but is more flexible than she lets on. She acts as a mediator during the beginning of the show between Charlotte and Catherine.

PEARL (F) 24-29 – A worker alongside Catherine at the factory. Sweet and supportive she is the “joker of the group.” But Pearl has a hard time coming to terms with her developing illness.

TOM DONOHUE (M) 27-32 – The husband of Catherine Donohue, a riveter on the skyscrapers of Chicago. He loves Catherine and is extremely devoted to her, but is somewhat unsettled when his wife starts making more money than he does.

MR. REED (M) 40-50 – The overseer of the factory. His heart is usually with the girls, but when put under pressure he is a pawn of the Radium Dial Company and has to follow orders.

DR. ROWNTREE (M) – He extols the benefits of radium to cure common illnesses. Will be combined with another role.

LEONARD GROSSMAN (M) – A brash lawyer who has enough courage to take the girls’ case. He is disturbed by the company’s treatment of Catherine and her friends.

COMPANY DOCTOR (M) 30-50 – Much like Mr. Reed, the Company doctor is a pawn of the Radium Dial Company. He denies that the girl’s illnesses are related to their working conditions and the radium they are exposed to. Will be combined with another role.

RADIO ANNOUNCER (M) – Much like Dr. Rowntree, the radio announcer makes a performance out of selling radium to the public. Boasting of its benefits and popularity, he sells the product along with a trio of radio station singers. Combined with Leonard Grossman.

DAUGHTER (F) 5 – Catherine’s young daughter. She is not childish, only innocent. She establishes the disconnect that has developed in Catherine’s life. Will be combined with another role.

SON (M) 5 – Catherine’s son. He is not childish, only innocent. Only appearing once with his sister, he establishes the disconnect that has developed in Catherine’s life. Will be combined with another role.

DR. DALITSCH (M) 30-50 – An incredibly honest doctor. The girls go to him and receive their separate, gruesome diagnoses. He reappears in the trial scene to confirm their conditions before the jury. Will be combined with another role.

JUDGE (M/F) – Appears in the courtroom scene of Catherine’s trial versus the Radium Dial Company. Will be combined with another role.

REPORTERS 1 & 2 (M/F) – Speaks outside of the courthouse during Catherine’s lawsuit. They provide the opinion of the public. Will be combined with other roles.

Audition sides (Please choose only ONE to read)

A Number by Caryl Churchill

Audition Information

The casting consists of two male characters. ACTOR 1 will portray the father, and ACTOR 2 will portray the three sons. Auditions are not exclusive to male-identifying students, but please understand that the playwright’s intention is that the characters be male.

For auditioning purposes, please choose either the ACTOR 1 monologue, or the ACTOR 2 set of three monologues to read. It is important that the ACTOR 2 monologues reflect different personalities. Due to time, if you choose the ACTOR 2 sides, you will likely be stopped midway through each monologue.

PLEASE NOTE: Caryl Churchill’s dialogue is written in a “stream of consciousness” and naturalistic manner. Monologues do not necessarily follow correct written grammar, and dialogue is consistently overlapping. The actor(s) have freedom of interpretation and choice.

Synopsis (courtesy of

Caryl Churchill’s A Number is a play that explores the issue of human cloning through the relationships between a father and his three sons. A tight two-hander taking place in a not-too-far off future, Churchill’s play is a philosophical investigation into free will and the question of nature versus nurture.


SALTER: a man in his early sixties, he was married and had one son. His wife committed suicide by throwing herself under a train when their son was only two. He would raise their son alone, but due to his drinking and the son’s issues, he would neglect him and eventually send him away. He would then clone his son (Bernard 2) in an attempt to try again to be a better father. A pathological liar, he attempts to hide the truth of what he’s done from his sons.

BERNARD (B2): Salter’s son, thirty-five, intended clone of his first son, made to replace his original son, Bernard 1. He is very mild-mannered and emotional.

BERNARD (B1): Salter’s son, forty. First and original son of Salter. He was a difficult and disturbed child, who Salter sent away when he was 4. He would grow to have an explosive temper and hate Salter for what he did to him.

MICHAEL BLACK: Salter’s son, thirty-five. An unauthorized clone of Salter’s first son. He is married with three children, the oldest aged twelve, and is a mathematics teacher.

Audition sides (Please choose only ONE to read)

The Den Improv Troupe 2019

It’s the “Mane” attraction! We ain’t “Lion”! Come and be a part of the The Den Improv Troupe, lead by professional actor and improviser, Eric Nepom. The first workshop will be this Monday, NOVEMBER 18 from 3.30-5.30, in the Black Box Studio Theatre. You can learn the basics of improvisation theatre, gain some confidence, and collaborate and laugh with peers….there may just be some guest performers, including WLHS alumni! After November 18, there will be two rehearsals a week, a tech/dress on December 18, and public shows on December 19 & 20 at 7pm. You can view the calendar by clicking on the calendar tab above. No experience necessary. Come and play!!!   


The media likes to spin, murder ain’t a sin, and Billy always wins!

Tickets are now on sale for West Linn High School Performing Arts Department’s production of Chicago: High School Edition. With its famous jazzy songs and in your face characters, Chicago tells the story of the murderesses of Cook County Jail, the media who “covers” them, and the ruthless attorney, Billy Flynn, who magically defends them. Whether 1920 or 2020, whether a typewriter or social media, society still loves to lap up the “big” story….regardless of authenticity. With focuses on media spin and manipulation, and the attractive, but consequential lure of celebrity, the WLHS theatre department starts off the 100th year celebration with a bang!

The production runs November 8, 9, 14, 16 at 7pm, plus November 10 at 3pm. Tickets are $10 (advance), $12 (door) for adults; $8 (advance), $10 (door) for students. Advanced tickets can be purchased at We will also be raffling off prizes during each performance. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the Box Office and from the WLHS Front Office Secretary, Ms. Castañeda. Raffle tickets will be $5 each, 5 for $20, or 10 for $35. The closing night prize will be a signed playbill from the recent Broadway hit, Burn This, which starred Adam Driver, Keri Russell, David Furr, and Brandon Uranowitz.      

Kick-Ball Tourney 2019!!!!

Who’s ready to take on West Linn’s finest in the game of all games…??!!

The Theatre Arts Department, in association with the WLPD and Clackamas Women’s Services, will host a kick-ball tournament fundraiser on one of the Rosemont Ridge athletic fields, SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 29 from 11.00am to 2.30pm. The central purpose of the tournament is to raise money and awareness for both the WLHS Theatre Department and Clackamas Women’s Services (to find out more about CWS, visit We also hope to promote and display community, teamwork, respect, kindness, and some good, clean fun – It’s the West Linn way!!!!

Details are still being finalized, but the round-robin tournament will consist of low inning games between various co-ed teams. Participating teams can be formed from the WLHS ASB, WLHS activities/clubs/other groups, and we hope to have one staff team! The West Linn Police Department will be joining forces with members of Clackamas Woman’s Services, and make a team of their own. Finally, we welcome youngsters who might be siblings or children of adult participants, to join their respective family member’s team.    

To register a team, please fill out this Google Form –

The registration fee is $5 per person. Please do not exceed 14 players per team (young children will not be counted towards that total). We also ask that your team agree on a shirt color to wear. Teams can just wear random shirts of the same color, or if you want to really go all out, Michaels have these baseball/softball type shirts in different sleeve colors  –

Steve will be in touch with each team’s captain just to confirm participation and give further details.

Besides the games themselves, there will also be some “Creative Contests” on the day. For example, there will likely be a couple garbage cans in the outfield. If a player was to kick the ball into one of the garbage cans, their team automatically wins the game! Additionally, community members will have the opportunity to sponsor/challenge someone to take on a “Creative Contest,” donating a monetary amount of $50 or more to WLHS Theatre Arts, CWS, or both, if the “contest” is fulfilled. All “Creative Contests” sponsors will be given 4 complimentary tickets towards any WLHS Theatre season production(s) of their choice. Other tournament highlights may include:

“Celebrity” Umpires

Dance Off’s

Musical Mash-Up

The Candy Toss

…and more!

A website where people can offer donations and/or become a “Creative Contests” sponsors will be set up soon! Check back on this blog for the link.

Hope to see you on the field!!


I have been a part of casting productions at WLHS for six years. This is my seventh year, and with complete sincerity, I can say that I am overwhelmed by the talent, positivity, generosity, professionalism, discipline, and passion I have witnessed over these past few days. After reading the cast list below, some of you may endure disappointment….and that is human. But it 100% does not equate to failure. There are so many considerations we have to take into account. This is only a blip within the many meaningful and great things you will do in your lives, whether theatre related or not.

I thank you all for your courage, effort, and tenacity. You make WLHS proud.

Introducing the cast of CHICAGO. . . .

Roxie Hart

Velma Kelly 

Matron “Mama” Morton

Amos Hart

Billy Flynn

Mary Sunshine

Fred Casely 

Officer Fogarty












Third Reporter

Addison Witt, Phoebe Castañeda, Sydney Robertson, Grace Heaton, Karah Rhoades, Katarina Ragalie, Hailey Cyphers, Mackenzie Smith, Rachel Dumas, Amy Gregg, Angela Tinio, Kamerin Villagomez, Brett Mason, Parrish Noce, Allie Evans, Kierra Koehn, Ellie Seward, Anthony Qiu, Campbell Wilson, Riley J. Schreiber, Clayton Menta, Gabe Massey, Patrick Tervo,
Keith Tyler Revilla, Ayden Nuttbrock, Colin Mason, Aymeric Burthey, Grant Halverson

We will have a read/sing through on Monday 9/9 in the Black Box, 3.30-6.

Please email Steve at saying you “accept” or “decline” your role.

Congratulations, all.