Shorts 23 Opens MAY 18!

The West Linn High School Theatre Arts Department presents Shorts 23! The production will include two student directed and produced one-act plays – The Odyssey by Homer, dramatized by Gregory A. Falls and Kurt Beattie, directed by Jesse Kohler; and All Rise by Evan McCreary, directed by Evan McCreary. Come and support directors, actors, and technicians on May 18, 19, and/or 20, 7pm curtain. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door or on the ticket link above.

SHORTS 23 Cast List!

Thank you to all who auditioned! The directors deliberated for quite a long time… choosing was quite a task. Thank you for your patience and great variety of talent! Below are the cast lists:


Eloise Guarisco – CINDERELLA/ WORKER 1Matthew Tence – Antinous, Eurylochus, Dead Soul Hailey Cyphers – Valarie WilliamsLily Farrens – Ian
Sophie Vervais – LITTLE RED/ STEP SISTER 1Zion Lamar – Eurymachus, Perites, Poseidon, Aeolous attendant, Hylax, Dead Soul Cadence Cox – Elizabeth ClarkeRoop Aporupa – Alessia
Valentina Dias Gaspar – STEPMOTHER / WORKER 2Max Halverson – Telemachus, Cyclops, King Aeolus, Dead soul, Zeus Malaika Ruirie – Ella Williams, Dr. Lana Spencer-AdammsGrayson Weinchert – Kevin
Caitlin Duncan – MR. PRINCE / CHARMING / WOODSMANAether Meyers – Leodes, Perites, Hermes, Old man, Dead Soul Mashayla Scott – Billie Williams 
Fiona Michael – Anne
Jesika Conner – SNOW WHITE/ STEP SISTER 2Elizabeth Meyers – Pallas Athena, Old man, Aeolus attendant, Anticlea, Siren, Apollo Emmerson Parker – Regina, Stephanie, The JournalistNobie Zur – Theresa
Maggie MacKenzie – MOTHERNobie Zur – Ktessipos, Peremides, Teiresias Jonathan Beldman – The Judge, Dan, TimJesika Conner – Johana
Max Chenier – DAUGHTERIan Krubel – Odysseus, Old man Roop Aporupa – The Assistant, “Mr. Dixon”Cadence Tillman – Katrina
Susan Ward – MORGANA / LITTLE RED’S MOMLuci LaViolette – Penelope, Old man, Circes Attendant, Anticlea, Siren Serenity Drorbaugh – Bailiff
Jack Deason – MIR’AH / GRANDMAEvan McCreary – The Boy
Nico Vick Beaudin – WOLF/ FAIRY GODMOTHERTBD – Matt Williams

All actors above, please come to the PAC lobby right after school tomorrow (4/6). You will be told which room to meet in for your read-throughs. Scripts will be printed for you. If you have any questions, direct them to your Production Stage Manager, Allie –

Shorts 23 Callbacks

What a turn out tonight! Due to the talent on display, the vibe was both exciting and daunting for directors. We cannot stress enough that IF you are not on the callback schedule, that does not necessarily mean you will NOT be cast. Callbacks will be 3:30pm-6pm.

  1. ALL links can only be accessed through your school Google account. Please check this list carefully and note the times/rooms you are slotted for: Shorts 23 Callback Schedule
  2. Callback rooms will be the black box, makeup room, band room, and green room. If you do not know where one of these locations are, please ask Allie, the PSM, or one of the ASMs – Gabby, Maddie, or Gracie.
  3. All callbacks except “All Rise” will be cold reads – sides will be passed out in the rooms as opposed to given ahead of time. You can find the “All Rise” callback sides here: ALL RISE Callback Sides
  4. Please check back here for the cast list tomorrow night. THURSDAY (4/6) from 3:15-5:15 is the first rehearsal.

Break legs!!

SHORTS 23 Audition Material

This year for Shorts 23, we have three plays and one short film. They are as follows:

“Not so Grimm Tales” by Kevin Bean; Directed by Mira Jansen & Olive Dotson

“The Odyssey” dramatized by Gregory A. Falls & Kurt Beattie; Directed by Jesse Kohler

“All Rise” by Evan McCreary; Directed by Evan McCreary

“Hotel L’Albergo” (short film) by Marina Vadnais; Directed by Xen Waggoner & Riley Schrieber

Initial Auditions will be Tuesday April 4 in the Black Box from 3:30-6. Please fill out the AUDITION FORM prior to auditioning. You must be logged in with School Google account. Callbacks will be by invitation (check back here) on April 5.

Please prepare up to TWO sides for auditions. If choosing two, please pick from two different shows. You must be logged in with School Google account.

Shorts 23 Audition Sides

Please email production stage manager, Allie Henry with any questions –

Break legs!!!!

TWELFTH NIGHT opens March 10!

Twelfth Night: or What You Will opens at West Linn High School on March 10, 2023.

If music be the food of love….ROCK ON! Paying homage to the mid 90s alternative music scene, the West Linn High School Theatre Arts Department presents Shakespeare’s indelible comedy, Twelfth Night. Set in a Pacific Northwest town near the sea, meet a cast of characters, including a one-hit-wonder former pop queen; a lovelorn mall record shop owner; a stodgy music manager; a young woman trying to make her mark on the world; and three Nirvana wannabes! With musical performances, a host of physical gags, and a very over-sized mall garbage bin, the production presents an MTV twist on a Shakespearean classic. The show runs March 10, 11, 16, 17, and 18. Curtain is at 7 pm for all shows. Reserve tickets through the ticket link above.




COSTUME DESIGN by Annie Kaiser

SOUND DESIGN by Nicosia Vick Beaudin 

INVITED DRESS REHEARSAL ON 3/9 @ 6:30PM. Pay what you will!

Twelfth Night Cast List 2023

Happy Twelfth Night!!….no, really, it’s the actual Twelfth Night after Xmas. See what I did there 😉

Thank you for your tremendous preparation, support for each other, and passion for making theatre. Casting a show with so many options is never easy, and this one was no exception. Please know that I consider all who auditioned worthy of roles, but alas, there are only a certain number of them. For those who were not cast, please, please audition for SHORTS 23, which will include both plays and short films!

Congrats to the following people:

VIOLA – Mira Jansen

OLIVIA – Jesika Conner

DUKE ORSINO – Holden Peterson

MALVOLIO – Xen Waggoner

MARIA – Elizabeth Meyers

SEBASTIAN – Jesse Kohler

FESTE – Saige Heiden

ANTONIO – Grayson Weichert

TOBI – Luci LaViolette

ANDREA (ANDY) – Rowan Sechrist

FABIAN – Jack Walters

CAPTAIN/OFFICER 1 – Maggie MacKenzie

CURIO/PRIEST – Aether Meyers

TINA (mall employee)/OFFICER 2 – Fiona Michael

Cast, we will have our first table work session MONDAY 1/9 from 3:30pm-6pm. Please make arrangements to be present for  the full duration. I will print out hard copy scripts for you. A schedule is forthcoming, and can be accessed here (“Production Rehearsal Calendar”):

0r here:

You can also download the Google Calendar App and add the above calendar.

*PLEASE email me ( stating whether you accept or decline the role you have been cast as.

If you have new conflict concerns, please direct them to our stage management team, PSM, Olive Dotson ( and ASM, Hadley Smith (

Thank you!  

Twelfth Night Callbacks

Twelfth Night
Callbacks – Friday 1/6, 3:30-6:00 pm

Should I say that was the strongest initial round of auditions for a Shakespeare play since I have been at WLHS? Yes, yes I should. Holy cow, what great preparation. Thank you, all! As always, if you are not on the callback list below, that does not necessarily mean you will not be cast.

Rowan Sechrist
Maggie MacKenzie
Mira Jansen

Jesika Conner
Lucy LaViolette
Saige Heiden

Ian Krubel
Holden Peterson
Xen Waggoner

Ian Krubel
Aether Meyers
Jonathan Beldman
Xen Waggoner

Emily Talavs
Elizabeth Meyers
Fiona Michael
Ella Myers
Roop Aporupa

Andre Vysotskiy
Grayson Weichert
Jesse Kohler

Lucy LaViolette
Jesika Conner
Saige Heiden

Matthew Tence
Ian Krubel
Grayson Weichert
Jonathan Beldman
Xen Waggoner

Jack Walters
Ella Myers
Jack Deason
Lucy LaViolette

Rowan Sechrist
Jesse Kohler
Saige Heiden
Fiona Michael

Click the link below for the callback sides. Please note, you must be signed into your SCHOOL Google account. Those called back fro Feste, please do your best to learn the song “Fade Into You.” Feel free to sing accapella or accompany yourself. You can have lyrics in front of you.