These Shining Lives/A Number CALLBACKS

Thank you for sharing your work with us today…..what an impressive variety of energies and choices! Callbacks for These Shining Lives will take place in the black box, and callbacks for A Number will take place in the make-up room. We will begin at 3.30pm and hope to be done by 6pm. Below are the callback lists and callback sides. If your name is not on either callback list, this does not necessarily mean you won’t be cast. Please check back here tomorrow night.

PLEASE NOTE: for These Shining Lives, If you are female identifying, look through ALL the female sides. If you are male identifying, look through ALL the male sides.


SALTER – Grant Halverson, Campbell Wilson, Tommaso Bellinzaghi

BERNARDS/MICHAEL BLACK – Eric McDevitt, Jack Gordon, Izzy Englund


Katherine Mason
Gwendalyn Jeuris
Kierra Koehn
Zoe Barnett
Allie Evans
Katarina Ragalie
Gabriella McVicker
Ashley Alexander
Addison Witt
Leilani Macenfish
Eric McDevitt
Campbell Wilson
Grant Halverson
Zach Socherman