Audition Procedures

I wanted to make sure everyone planning on auditioning knows exactly how things will proceed next week…especially those brand new to the process.

TUESDAY 9/3, Vocal Auditions, 3.30-6.00

Please have your audition form completed. Our stage management team (Ella & Miranda) will be set-up at a table right outside the box office in the PAC. You will sign in and then wait to be taken into the choir room to sing for Mr. B (Director), Ms. P (vocal director), and Mr. Egan (music director). You are then free to leave. Please visit this blog that night to see if you are on the callback list. There will be two lists – VOCAL & ACTING, and DANCE. Be sure to look at both as it is possible you might not be on the first list, but are on the second. If that was the case, for example, you would only come to the dance callback on 9/5.

For initial vocal auditions, we simply want to hear you sing and see your personality. You do not need to “act” too much.

WEDNESDAY 9/4, Callbacks, 3.30-6.00

All callback material is on the previous post. The list will specify what we would like individuals to prepare (vocal selections and/or acting sides). On Wednesday, please be prepared to stay the whole time. We will let you know when you can leave. It is also Back To School night, so, we can’t go too late. Please refrain from preparing a scene audition with a friend who is also called back. Mr. B will arrange who will perform scenes with who.

THURSDAY 9/5, Dance Call, 3.30-6.30

For the dance call, we ask that you please wear clothes you can move in, as well as appropriate shoes (sneakers or dance shoes are best). If you have them, bring tap shoes. But this is not essential. From 3.30-5.45 auditionees will be working with Maddie, our main choreographer. She will spend a good chunk of time teaching you a routine. Groups of 4-5 will then perform the routine. From 6-6.30, auditionees will learn a short tap routine from our tap choreographer, Christine.

Mr. B will post the cast list the evening of 9/5. Unfortunately, it will be posted fairly late in the evening.

Break Legs!!!!!