Kick-Ball Tourney 2019!!!!

Who’s ready to take on West Linn’s finest in the game of all games…??!!

The Theatre Arts Department, in association with the WLPD and Clackamas Women’s Services, will host a kick-ball tournament fundraiser on one of the Rosemont Ridge athletic fields, SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 29 from 11.00am to 2.30pm. The central purpose of the tournament is to raise money and awareness for both the WLHS Theatre Department and Clackamas Women’s Services (to find out more about CWS, visit We also hope to promote and display community, teamwork, respect, kindness, and some good, clean fun – It’s the West Linn way!!!!

Details are still being finalized, but the round-robin tournament will consist of low inning games between various co-ed teams. Participating teams can be formed from the WLHS ASB, WLHS activities/clubs/other groups, and we hope to have one staff team! The West Linn Police Department will be joining forces with members of Clackamas Woman’s Services, and make a team of their own. Finally, we welcome youngsters who might be siblings or children of adult participants, to join their respective family member’s team.    

To register a team, please fill out this Google Form –

The registration fee is $5 per person. Please do not exceed 14 players per team (young children will not be counted towards that total). We also ask that your team agree on a shirt color to wear. Teams can just wear random shirts of the same color, or if you want to really go all out, Michaels have these baseball/softball type shirts in different sleeve colors  –

Steve will be in touch with each team’s captain just to confirm participation and give further details.

Besides the games themselves, there will also be some “Creative Contests” on the day. For example, there will likely be a couple garbage cans in the outfield. If a player was to kick the ball into one of the garbage cans, their team automatically wins the game! Additionally, community members will have the opportunity to sponsor/challenge someone to take on a “Creative Contest,” donating a monetary amount of $50 or more to WLHS Theatre Arts, CWS, or both, if the “contest” is fulfilled. All “Creative Contests” sponsors will be given 4 complimentary tickets towards any WLHS Theatre season production(s) of their choice. Other tournament highlights may include:

“Celebrity” Umpires

Dance Off’s

Musical Mash-Up

The Candy Toss

…and more!

A website where people can offer donations and/or become a “Creative Contests” sponsors will be set up soon! Check back on this blog for the link.

Hope to see you on the field!!