PIPPIN Cast List

Thank you to all who auditioned, for your time and efforts. Congratulations to the following people.

PIPPINMason Nuttbrock
CHARLESHolden Peterson
FASTRADASophia Burden
LEWISIan Krubel
BERTHEAva Neudeck
THEOLeo Wilson
BAND OF PLAYERS (specific roles TBD)Lucy Lorenzen, Jack Deason, Jack Walters,
Josh Caveney, Misha Rana, Lucille Clemo,
Lucia LaViolette, Rowan Sechrist, Hanna Layton,
Max Burden, Jori Brady, Olivia Burden,
Lily McCarthy, Lea Blaskower, Saige Heiden

Cast, we will have a read through (singing optional) on MONDAY, 9/11 from 3:20-6 in the choir room. Scripts will be passed out. Music rehearsals will proceed as follows:

TUESDAY, 9/12 from 3:20pm-5:20pm (choir room)

WEDNESDAY, 9/13 from 3:20pm-6pm (choir room)

THURSDAY, 9/14 from 3:20pm-6pm (stage)

FRIDAY, 9/15 from 3:20pm-6pm (choir room)

ALL are called for the above rehearsals. If you have any updated conflicts, please email PSM, Allie Henry – henrya@wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us, and ASM, Maddie Brown – brownm@wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us.

Please look out for an email with further details, including full schedule.

Thank you!