Shorts 24 Cast Lists

Congrats to all! Prepare for an intense, but satisfying adventure! “Hotel L’Albergo” cast, please double check that you have availability the weekend of April 4-6, as the play will be presented at the Oregon Thespian State Festival (we are still awaiting the exact day/time). ALL cast members, the directors would like to have a read-through next week sometime. It might not fall on the same day for each cast, so please look out for an email from Directors/ASMs.


Hotel L’AlbergoHatchDirty LaundryLet’s Pretend This Never Happened
Sophia Burden – KATRINAAva Neudeck – AIOLily McCarthy – CYNTHIAHolden Peterson – OLIVER
Vada Mullen – ANNELeo Wilson – HACTHUMFerret Kramer – GEORGELucia LaViolette – EMMA
Jack Deason – KEVINSophie Vervais – HATCHOOIan Krubel – SIDNEYJosh Caveney – ANDREW
Ella Myers – THERESAEdd Larson – HATCHATATy Schultz-Reynolds – MONAJohn Avery – LUKE
Ace Isensee – IANAlivia Marshall – HATCHERAddison O’Neil – ABBY
Lea Blaskower – ALESSIAHanna Schwier – BERNIEEmerson Parker – EMMA’S MOM
Elizabeth Meyers – JOHANNAMatthew Tence – SLOANETaran Keppeler – STUDENT 1
Jake Williams – HATCHIEIan Krubel – SENIOR BOY
Grayson Weichert – KAIJames Poor, Leo Wilson – CRONIES
Taran Keppeler – ROBINJori Brady, Kiera Kuehn, Elliot Sherman – FEATURED EXTRAS